Building Economic Vitality – One Relationship At A Time

Participants attend to build relationships, exchange leads, and to educate others about their products and services.


What are REaL Networks? 

REaL Networks participation is available to Liberty Area Chamber of Commerce members in  good standing. The program was formed with the mission to generate business opportunities for our members through building and strengthening professional relationships in a non-competitive and mutually supportive environment consistently.

What are the benefits?

Member benefits include education, motivation, visibility, credibility, and accountability.

  • Can see an increase in profit
  • Learn how to pass and receive leads
  • Meet and develop strategic business partners
  • Gain exposure to like-minded professionals
  • Have access to the entire membership of the Liberty Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Participate in volunteer opportunities
  • Create lifetime connections
  • Low cost to join – $75 per year

REaL Networks offer opportunities that are:

  • without pressure
  • affordable
  • profitable
  • motivational
  • educational
  • full of business connections
  • relationship making
  • business development focused
  • at a central location
  • fun

Interested in becoming a REaL Networks member? Click below to find out how to become part of this exclusive program and join with other dedicated business professionals to increase your bottom line.

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