E-Plaque Use Policy

The e-plaque is available for legitimate advertising and marketing efforts by members in good standing whose purpose is to a) promote the use and awareness of their products and services, b) encourage the purchase of products and services from other Chamber members, and/or c) demonstrate their commitment to the progress of the community through their support of the Liberty Area Chamber of Commerce.


Use of the e-plaque must comply with the following:

  • May not be manipulated in any way and must be in colors provided by the Chamber
  • Meet all ethical standards applicable to such advertising and marketing within that industry and the general business community
  • Not state or imply endorsement by the Chamber of the advertiser, its products or services, or the claims made in the advertisements; (Words such as “Affiliate” or “Endorsed By” are NOT permitted)
  • Not create a negative impression nor reflect poorly upon the integrity of the Chamber
  • Comply with all Federal, State and Local laws

Final Authority

The Board of Directors/President of the Chamber may, at their discretion, prohibit the use of the Chamber e-plaque or mention of Chamber membership in any specific advertising or marketing effort which is determined to be inappropriate.