On Tuesday, March 14th, the Liberty Area Chamber of Commerce board voted to endorse the No Tax Increase Bond issue and the No Tax Increase Levy Transfer proposed by Liberty Public Schools. Both issues will be on the April 4th ballot.

The No Tax Increase Bond would authorize the issuance of up to $120 million in bonds to fund nearly $100 million in projects focused on Safety, Security, and Accessibility Improvements, Student Learning Enhancements, and Increasing Operational Efficiencies across the District. In addition, the Bond would include $20 million that would be utilized to restructure existing debt in order to take advantage of lower interest rates and to free up funds to address pressing District operating needs. A summary of the bond projects can be viewed by clicking here.  In addition, more information pertaining to the selected projects can be found on the LPS website. The approved No Tax Increase Bond ballot language can be viewed by clicking here.

Much like the Bond ballot item outlined above, this action would not increase the overall District tax levy. The purpose of this transfer would be to dedicate additional dollars to address District operating needs, including funds to be utilized to attract and retain quality faculty and staff. The approved No Tax Increase Levy Transfer ballot language can be viewed by clicking here.